Carlos Antonio León and Thomas Piedra bringing to life 'The 8-6'

Carlos Antonio León and Thomas Piedra are now officially in production today on the feature film "The 8-6". Piedra is executive producers, and León stars in the role of Inspired by true events, "The 8-6" highlights the activities of a band of 86 street thugs that were famous for their strong presence in the Caracas's scene during the 1980's. Also starring in "The 8-6" is Miguel Ángel Landa as Luis Manuel Bevilacqua, Maria Elena Infantino as Juana, Loly Sánchez as Fernanda, and Laureano Olivares as Terminator Escalona.

"It is imperative that people understand that this film is in no way a glorification of crime" says Carlos Antonio León who is also a Social Worker. "Cinema is supposed to be a mirror for society and must reflect the zeitgeist of the given country. We can do all the movies we want about the beauty of Venezuela and its many resources, but internationally (sadly) Venezuela is not known anymore as such. The political turmoils alongside the increasing lack of safety has dominated the international news for at least 10 years. Most Venezuelan movies in the last 5 years that have exhibited abroad don't talk about it. People abroad don't see a connection between the film they see and what they hear constantly in the news about Venezuela. Even though The 8-6 takes place in the 80's, it is a good indication of the things that later came. it was the beginning of what is happening now." Concludes León.

"The 8-6" is expected to open in Venezuelan theaters by January 2016.

Bryan Wiseman joins the cast of 'Omniscient'

We have exclusive breaking news today that Australian actor Bryan Wiseman has joined the cast of "Omniscient". Bryan Wiseman is best known for starring opposite Russell Crowe in the TV series "Living With The Law".

"Omniscient", written by Alex Dale and Eric Shipley, is a complex and intellectually engaging story. Lucien, a British cult leader, is second in command of the Son’s of Enlightenment. He comes from a long line of telepaths, yet it’s his estranged teenage daughter, Grace, who was born with enhanced telepathic ability; the strongest in centuries. Lucien must subvert his fatherly tendencies and give in to the darkness to carry out the orders of Sons of Enlightenment leader, John Sutter (Wiseman). However, Lucien has plans of his own; kidnap Grace to clone her telepathic ability before her mother thwarts his plan to control humanity.

 "Omniscient" will shoot in downtown Los Angeles in June, 2015. has obtained exclusive information today that actor Cory Hardrict will star in the Universal Pictures feature film "Spectral". The project is directed by Nic Mathieu and produced by Jon Jashni and Black Reel Awards nominee Thomas Tull. Starring opposite Hardrict is Independent Spirit Awards winner Emily Mortimer, Screen Actors Guild Awards nominee Bruce Greenwood, and Screen Actors Guild Awards nominee James Badge Dale. "Spectral" will hit theaters on Aug 12, 2016.

Cory Hardrict recently starred opposite Bradley Cooper in the Academy Award winning film "American Sniper".

Carmi Fellwock to star in 'Second Seers'

We have obtained exclusive news today that actress Carmi Fellwock will be producing and starring in the feature film "Second Seers". Fellwock's production company Theocentric Productions is behind the project. Fellwock recently starred in the christian film "WWJD What Would Jesus Do? The Journey Continues". Fellwock's past credits include "Giving Worth", "His Bride", "Remembering Happily Ever After", and "In Search of an Exit".

Carmi Fellwock is repped by Troy Ciccone at World Entertainment Agency